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Floral paintings that exude atmosphere and energy...bold, bright works of art that have a 3-dimensional quality achieved by layering sculpting medium directly on to the canvas surface.  These unique paintings, with multiple layers of transparent glazes and dry-brushed opaque strokes, are the work of Canadian artist Debra Martin. 


In addition to her widely collected floral images, Martin is known for landscapes characterized by dramatic skies and bold, colorful vistas.  She explores in her landscapes what she describes as "those ethereal moments created by sudden changes in atmosphere.  There is that brief instant after a heavy rain when the clouds drift apart and the sun suddenly illuminates and transforms the landscape.  When I paint, I am trying to capture these moments as they unfold across the canvas".


Equally charming is her bicycle series wherein vintage bicycles with their signs of wear and age are testament to a life being fully lived.  To Debra, a bicycle's "accumulated scratches, dents and missing parts tell a very human story of challenges faced, risks taken and triumphs celebrated".

Martin continues to explore this theme of life well-lived in her wine series, where sumptuous fabrics cradle glasses of wine celebrating the beauty of red, white and rose.

Debra's paintings are found in corporate and private collections across Canada and the United States, as well as Europe.  Her work is currently represented by Gallery 421 in Kelowna, British Columbia.

You are also welcome to contact her directly.






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